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Maintenance on Your Henan Ener Air Suspension System

DATE : May 23rd, 2023
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Air suspension systems from Henan Ener are designed to be maintenance-free, but it certainly won't do any harm to carry out a visual and functional inspection once a year. We always recommend doing this.
We advise checking for the following:
Air Springs
In normal use, Henan Ener air springs will give many years of fault-free service. Nevertheless, it's still important to carry out a regular visual inspection, particularly if the vehicle is regularly driven on unmetalled or poor roads. There is a risk of the air spring being damaged by loose materials lying on the road. Therefore, we advise checking the air springs whenever you clean your vehicle. It's easy to do this: put the vehicle in the highest position and spray off the air springs with clean water (do not use cleaning agents as the chemicals could damage the rubber), to wash off any mud or other debris. Your Henan Ener can do a full check of your air springs through on line meeting .
Shock absorbers
Shock absorbers are an important part of a vehicle's suspension. The combination of air spring and shock absorber determines the driving characteristics of your vehicle, however they also play a specific role in safety. For this reason, you should also check your shock absorbers. To do so, carry out a visual inspection for leaks. It's alright for a shock absorber to “sweat”, but it mustn't “leak". Sweating is where a film of oil can be detected on the shock absorber, but a leak is where actual drops of oil can be seen. Since shock absorbers can wear, they may need to be replaced over time.
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