Cab Suspension
DFLZ Shock Absorber
Heavy Duty truck shocks
Cab Suspension
DFLZ Shock Absorber
Heavy Duty truck shocks

Cab Suspension 50001150-C1100 Rear Coil spring

Shock Absorber System
Oil Pressure
Shock Absorber Type
Coil spring
DFLZ Tianjin
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Truck Shock Absorber Assembly 50001150-C1100
Product Details Technology
DFLZ Truck Rear Coil spring Assembly 50001150-C1100
Bulged design provides increased fluid capacity and cooler operation in extreme conditions
Forged solid steel eye rings and 360  arc-welded end mounts deliver tough tensile strength that reduces end mount failures
Best-in-class hydraulic stop provides unparalleled system durability and inhibits shocks from topping out and suspension from over-extending
Rugged, self-compensating piston seal for consistent damping ability and reduced fade throughout the shock life
Super-finished chromed piston rod ensures superior corrosion resistance, unyielding performance and extended product life

Shock Absorber Assembly 50001150-C1100 Spare Parts for Sale
hock Absorber System Cab Coil spring
Shock Absorber Type Oil Pressure
Position Rear
Suitable DFLZ Tianjin 
OEM 50001150-C1100
Shock Absorber Mounting Type Top pin
Shock Absorber Mounting Type Bottom eye

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Shock Absorber Assembly 50001150-C1100 Spare Parts for Sale
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