Airbag Assembly
Rear Shock Absorber
With air bellow
Airbag Assembly
Rear Shock Absorber
With air bellow

Dongfeng Tianlong Flagship Cab Rear Airbag 5001180-C6100

Shock Absorber System
Gas Pressure
Shock Absorber Type
Cab air spring
DFLZ ChengLong
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Cab Rear Airbag Assembly OEM 5001180-C6100
Product Details Technology
Cab Rear Airbag Assembly OEM 5001180-C6100
Air spring is a kind of cord reinforced rubber capsule, filled with compressed air, using the compressibility of gas to play the role of spring damping rubber products, there are long pillow type, gourd type and diaphragm type.  
Used on automobile air spring can be roughly divided into free film type, hybrid, and capsule type air spring sleeve type, its structure and tubeless tyre rubber capsule, by inside rubber (air layer), rubber, fabric reinforced layer and steel wire circle, its load is mainly composed of cord, cord material is air spring pressure resistance and durability of the decisive factor,  The general use of high strength polyester cord or nylon cord, cord layer number is generally 2 or 4 layers, layers crossed and the direction of the capsule into an Angle arrangement.  
Compared with metal spring, it has the advantages of small mass, good comfort, fatigue resistance, long service life and so on. It also has the effect of shock absorption and noise elimination.  Air spring shock absorber is widely used in automobiles, truck ,trains, presses and other machinery.  
DFLZ Cab Rear Airbag Assembly OEM 5001180-C6100
hock Absorber System Cab air spring
Shock Absorber Type Gas Pressure
Position Rear
Suitable DFLZ ChengLong 
OEM H73-5001590
Shock Absorber Mounting Type Top eye
Shock Absorber Mounting Type Bottom eye

Truck air springs provide substantial performance benefits:
1.High degree of comfort and can be installed in small spaces
2.Fuel economy and payload increase thanks to their lightweight design
3.Robustness across an extended operating temperature range

More models of China truck :
HOWO T5G series F3000 series DAYUNAUTO series DFLZ series
811W41722-6023 DZ1640430030 501BAA04000 5001060-C4300
811W1722-6033 DZ1640430015 501BAA02000 5001085-C0302
WG9725680014 DZ13241430150 501BAA01000 5001150-C0302
  DZ13241440150 5010BA22000 5001155-C4300
STR series 91.41722.6051 5010BA11000 5001175-C4320
WG1642440091 81.41722.6052 292EAA08000 2921FC-010C
WG9725680014 DZ95259680012   2921010-T3840
WG1608444020/1 81.41722.6036 C & C TRUCK 5001180-C6100
    100500400018 5001080-C6101
New STR series M3000/NEW M3000 series  100500200012 5001085-C902-A
WG1684447100/1 DZ1522440300   5001150-C110
WG1684437035/1 DZ15221443020 JAC TRUCK   
WG9325680031 DZ13241440080 80844-73011 DFLZ series
WG1684447121 81.41722.6051 64337-Y3B00 MG401-2905010
  DZ1522440400 64008-Y4210 M5Q-5001030A
HOWO 10 series DZ13241440150 64106-Y40D0 M4Q-5001050B
WG1642430283 DZ13241430150 54300-H050 M5Q-5001550B
WG1642430288 DZ199112680014   M7Q-5001550
WG9725680014   BEIBEN TRUCK series M7Q-5001450
WG1642440021 X3000 series 5188910105 M5Q-5001030B
WG1642430091 DZ14251440020  5008900019  
  DZ14251430020  0008912205-6048 CAMC series
HOWO 08 series DZ15221443020  518910305 50A05014
WG1642430285 DZ13241440150  Z01110115 50A05034
WG1642440028 DZ13241430150  5183170512 50A05034B
WG1642430385 199112680014 5183170512 29AD-05010
WG9725680014 Seat damper  52089000019 50A-05034-BQ
WG1642440021   0043289800-6048 50H08-01055-A
WG1642430091 ETX series   50A08-01028-A
  1B24950200131 HONGYAN series 50A08-01055
HOWO 10 series 1B2495020C137 5001-63825 50H08-01028
WG1642430283 Seat damper  2905-127060  
WG1642440086 1120029200005 5001-510125A SITRAK series
WG9725680014 1122929200005 50045005258 712W41722-6022
WG1642440021 1B24950201011 5001-570125 712W41722-6032
WG1642430091 H0502A01210A0 5004-500525 WG9925680031
HOWO 08 series GTL series DAWEI series Prince series
WG1642430285 H4502B01015A0 5001290-660/B WG1608440016
WG1642440085 H4502A01030A0 5001220-D850 WG1608444016
WG9725680014 H4295090002A0 5001020-D850 WG9725680014
WG1642440021 1417029200015 5001020B242  
WG1642430091 H4502B0106A0 S3206010-383 JH6 series
HOWO A7 series J6/J6P series HOWO T7H series 5001315A1063-C00
WG1664430078 5001320-A01-C00 WG16644430122 2905010-1086/D
WG1664430079 5001020-A01 WG1664440400  
WG1642440021 5001020-B85-C01/B WG1664430310 AOWEI series
WG1642430091 5001020-CA01-B WG1664440100 5001020B242
WG9725680014 5001320BA09 WG1664440201 5001290660B
WG9925680031 5001065-B85-C00/B WG1664430201 5001290-660/B
WG1664430103 2905010-71A WG1664430103 2905010-371
WG166440068/1   AZ1664430120 S3206010-382
WG166440069 Tian V/Long V series WG166440069/1  
WG166444068/1 2905010-D650 WG9725680028  
DFLZ  Cab Rear Airbag Assembly OEM 5001180-C6100
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